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About Me?

I am a mish-mash of 21 years of being a Marine Corps spouse and dealing with seventeen moves, dozens of school transfers, numerous career opportunities coming and going, and hundreds of good friends, good times, and memories which will last a lifetime.  My ambidextrous brain has taken me to the point where I am self-employed in two vastly different ventures:  I am a CPA and a Photographer.  I can itemize deductions like a madwoman, then fly out the door in time to catch just the right light of sunset at the beach. 

I love my family, photography, a good workout, and time alone (which I rarely have). I hate cooking, mornings, and drama.

The Hubster
Spent twenty-one years in the Marine Corps, recently retired and is settling into the wackiness that is civilian employment.  Loves the ocean, surfing, and fishing. Wicked sense of humor.  Brilliant, but hides it well sometimes.

Crunchy Girl (fka The Diva)
Grad student, world traveler, and recently found her dream job.  Loves hiking, kayaking…